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My House Freestyle Video!

18 Jan

A lot of peeps have been asking me to post vids so here is the first of several:



22 Jun

THIS SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


JOJO Dancer Production and Fly Lady DiPresents:The Jump Off Dance Battle (1on1)

HIP HOP | HOUSE | WAACKINGWhen – June 24th 2012
Time – 5-11pm
Venue – Barn 418 Church Street
Music by DJ Sumation
Hosted by David Forteau


Caleaf Sellers – Dance Fusion/MOP TOP New York

Jojo Dancer – Over The Influence(VC)/Disco Love
Child(TO)/House of La Douche(VC)
/Dance Fusion(NYC)/House of

(If you wanna enter the Battle, please let us know here on the FB event page and we will sign you up in the category you want to enter in.)


Raoul Wilke (Moon Runners Crew) TO
Emily Law TO
Mariano Dance TO
Tristan Kyle Martell TO
Ma’ayan Jasovich TO
Benjamin Christensen TO
Natasha Powell TO
Metaflex TO
Erich Ddimplz Jack MTL
Effect (Mix’d Mafia) MTL
Afternoon (Mix’d Mafia) MTL
Anansi TO
Marvelous Marv MTL
Sara TO
Aenigma (Deadly Venoms Crew) MTL
Kevin Docteur Mephisto PAR
A Klass TO
Chuckles KTN
Nicow MTL
Lady C CAL
Knox TO
Vanessa Kimmons TO
Tomo JP
Axelle MTL
Goldy 24K MTL


Raoul Wilke Moon Runners TO
Mariano Dance TO
Tristan Kyle Martell TO
Daniel Keith Morrison (Moon Runners Crew) TO
Natasha Powell TO
Ms. Smiley JPN
Effect (Mix’d Mafia) MTL
Afternoon (Mix’d Mafia) MTL
Emilio (Mix’d Mafia) MTL
Snapp (Moon Runners Crew) TO
Sara TO
Ladonna (Mix’d Mafia) MTL
Sebber TO
A Klass TO
Lady C CAL
Cocaine Biceps TO
Suga TO
Vanessa Kimmons TO
Essence MTL
Asako JP
Daichi JP
Anastasia (Region 65) TO


Emily Law TO
Erich Ddimplz Jack MTL
Emilio(Mix’d Mafia) MTL
Cherry (IHOW) MTL
Sugar Queen MTL
Ralph Escamillian TO
Sebber TO
D Serious Fierceness MTL
Essence MTL
Colours CLG
Tomoyo JPN

Cover – $20 and $15 for competitors

Winners gets Ca$$$h prize, Gift Certificates from American Apparel, Rebus, Superstein, Rightfoot Studio, Lindsay Ritter, Street Dance Academy and a Plaque

Tickets are Sold:

Street Dance Academy-160 Spadina Ave. (416) 840-4934
Metro Movement – 833 Broadview Ave. (416) 463-9174
Gotta Dance Studio-3581 Dundas St. W.(416) 604-3566
Manifesto – 37 Bulwer St. (647) 284-1701
City Dance Corps – 489 Queen St. W.(416) 260-2356

Workshop at Street Dance Academy w/ Caleaf Sellers June 23rd Saturday 6:30pm – 8pm – House

Monday June 25th Top Rock Workshop w/Samo


Lady Di on CBC’s The National

14 Feb

CBC's The National, Sunday February 12, 2012

Thank you MaeHem of Street Dance Academy

Thank you to MaeHem of STREET DANCE ACADEMY (Where Di teaches every week) for putting Di on to this amazing opportunity to be interviewed by CBC’s The National regarding the state of Canadian dance music. It’s on it’s way! Big ups to DeadMau5 and Ducksauce for being nominated for Grammy’s this year, woohoo!

See the video clip here: