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My House Freestyle Video!

18 Jan

A lot of peeps have been asking me to post vids so here is the first of several:


Nuff Tings a Gwan…

11 Feb

Hey yo! I haven’t blogged in AGES – I guess I’ve been relying on Facebook and Twitter to tell everyone wussup… But thanks to the inspiration of my boo @TheBigNormShow, I’ve wanted to get it together and put a new blog up! So here we are…

As much as people love and adore my ARTWORK I wanted to focus this blogsite strictly on acting and dancing since thisis my primary focus right now. I love art, and I’ll always be a visual artist, but I’ve realized that what I’ve always wanted to do is to perform and teach, so now this is where all my energy is going. Not to say I’ll never paint again, but my focus is on ONE TRACK now, which should definitely help push things forward yeah!

Okay enough talk, enjoy the latest video clip of me dancing in Mumbai, India (made my my girl Priya Lisa Gonsalves @priyalisa – founder of Urbanista, India’s First All-Female Street Dance Crew!)