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My House Freestyle Video!

18 Jan

A lot of peeps have been asking me to post vids so here is the first of several:


Judging UDO’s Canadian Street Dance Championships

18 Apr

it was an awesome experience to have judged the UDO’s Canadian Street Dance Championships among Toronto’s top street dance talent. it was also cool to be the only female representing street dance, that truly meant a lot to me! above is a pic of all the judges – TURBO from the UK (all-styles), BONELESS (all-styles), SCRAMBLELOCK from MTL (locking), NEO BOOG (popping), ? (sorry!), PRIMAL (krumping), FRANK BOOGIE (popping), ME (house), JADE CLARK (organizer), LENNY LEN (hip hop). LEGENDS IN THA HOUSE!

here is our judges showcase video, enjoy tha dopeness!