Di x Shirls win first ever House battle on #NMLBattlez on MuchMusic

11 Aug

Yesterday was a big day for UrGirlShirls and I as we won the first ever House Dance battle on #NMLBattlez on MuchMusic’s New Music Live!  Thank you so much to Janet Castillo and Lenny Len who continue to encourage me to put myself out there to inspire through House Dance, as well as the incomparable Producer Romeo Candido (who also directed and wrote Prison Dancer) and Jojo Dancer – my favorite kuya who continues to push me and inspire me towards greatness.

Shirley – you are also an inspiration – thanks for being a good student and working as hard as you did for this battle.  We make a great team.  Dancer/Artists for LIFE!  Ma-Gic.

Tafiya and BJ, you guys gave us a run for our prize – it’s beautiful and spiritual to watch you both dance.
Above are some photos that were taken by various people – Shirley’s uber supportive bro Mugabi “Bboy Metaflex” snapped lots of shots of us and posted them – thank you!  We also caught Phoebe Dykstra in the bathroom woohoo (she luved us) and…  Just how many Pinoys can you fit on the MuchMusic stage?!  *thanks Romeo*  The guest judge was Keisha Chante – I appreciated your honesty booboo.


HERE IS OUR PROFILE VIDEO ON NEWMUSICLIVE.CA!  http://www.newmusiclive.ca/nml-battlez-house-dancers-meet-ladies-first/



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